Tea Research Institute stakeholders include:

1. The Kenya Government, through the Ministry of Agriculture as the parent Ministry, Ministries of Finance, Office's of the President and the Prime Minister 8. Large Tea Estate companies 15. Kenya Intellectual Property Institute
2. Tea Board of Kenya 9. Kenya Agricultural Research Institute
16. National Agricultural Research Institutions
3. Nyayo Tea Zones Development Corporation (NTZDC) 10. Kenya Plant Health Inspectorate Services 17. International Tea Research Institutions
4. Kenya Tea Development Agency (KTDA) Ltd 11. Pest Control and Produce Board 18. Local and international donor agencies/development partners
5. Kenya Tea Growers Association (KTGA) 12. Kenya Forest Service 19. Agro-processors/chemical firms
6. East African Tea Trade Association 13. Kenya Bureau of Standards 20. Consumers of tea and related products and services
7. Tea farmers 14. National Environmental Management Authority