Research Programmes

Economics, Field Advisory and Corporate Communications
resprog5 The Programme comprises of;
  1. Socio Economics and Field Advisory Services
  2. Corporate Communication
  3. Information Communication Technology
  4. Library Services
Crop Improvement and Management Programme
Goal: To improve Productivity in tea Ecosystems.
    The use of improved vegetatively propagated tea cultivars is the most important exercise without which application of optimal agronomic inputs like fertilizer and harvesting practices would be futile. To meet the diverse needs of Kenyan tea growers, the Crop Improvement Programme (CIM) has adopted integrated breeding strategies in order to develop elite and high value tea varieties that combine multiple desirable traits using both conventional and non-conventional methods e.g. biotechnology.
    Tea Quality Improvement, Product Diversification and Value Addition (TPVA)
    Goal: To develop competitive high value tea products for improved livelihoods.
    Research Programmes
      Kenya produces mainly aerated (fermented) black CTC (Curl, Tear and Cut) tea. The Institute’s current research efforts to enhance the quality of tea are focused on cost effective and efficient manufacturing methodologies covering leaf withering, maceration, fermentation, and drying, tea and health, quality product development and value addition and research factory management.
        Sustainable Ecosystem Management & Conservation (SEMC) Programme
        Goal: To understand ecosystem impacts and its management for sustainable tea production.
        Research Programmes
          As Tea Research Institute generates technologies aimed at improving productivity, processing and value addition of Kenyan tea, this should be done while conserving the environment as captured in the Mission statement. The SEMC programme whose goal is to promote sustainable management and conservation of tea ecosystems therefore focuses not only on effective management of the tea ecosystem, but one that is sustainable for the future of the Kenyan tea industry.
            Support Services Management Programme (SSM)
            Goal: To enhance organizational capacity and technical services
            Research Programmes
              The Programme comprises of;
              1. Finance Department
              2. Human Resource Department
              3. Timbilil Estate Department