stratplanThe Institute currently has an operational five year Strategic Plan (July 2005-June 2010) that was reviewed in February 2009.This document charts the way forward by identifying the strategic objectives, strategies and activities for implementation over the plan period.

Being living document, the Strategic Plan is frequently reviewed to be in line with changing circumstances and need of the tea industry. The Institute also takes cognizance of the government development agenda for the tea sub-sector as laid out in its blue prints from time to time.

The current document is the final product of a long and eventful journey, involving the management staff of the Institute and whose Task Force/Secretariat played a crucial part in compilation of the final document. The stakeholders and a broad range of stakeholders gave their invaluable input to enable the document reflect and represent the interest of the tea industry.

A special mention goes to the facilitators from the Centre Research and Strategic Initiatives Mr. Charles Bosire and Mr. Ken Oroko for their stimulating and worthwhile suggestions that made the final document possible. Special mention also goes to the Tea Research Institute Board of Directors for giving their invaluable comments towards the final document.

It is our hope that the plans and agenda laid out in this document will transform the tea industry and the Tea Research Institute from what it is now. And that and stakeholders would wish to see and be associated with, and that it expresses their needs and aspirations as they seek to play their part in making our tea industry a viable and competitive sub-sector.


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